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We understand the pressures of leadership. Your job is to meet objectives, build high-performing teams, sustain employee performance, develop your team, and manage your own personal brand. We're here to help make your job simple and effective.

Group celebrating successful Clifton Strengths training

Team Development Training

We use a tried-and-true facilitated workshop approach to training, incorporating exercises and discussions for an enjoyable and practical learning experience. From building high-performing teams to developing more coach-like leaders, we've got many training options to meet your needs.

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Workplace Culture Consulting

Here at Tailored Consulting, we use a proprietary culture architecture framework to help organizations better understand and shape their workplace culture. Whereas most culture frameworks use a binary approach to determine whether a culture is "good" or "bad," we help you understand your true organizational culture identity.

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One-on-One Leadership Coaching

At Tailored Consulting, we specialize in Leadership and Career Coaching for professionals, from those making a career change, to StartupFounders, to Corporate Executives. We coach individuals investing in their own development, as well as professionals from organizations that want to train and develop multiple leaders at once.

Micah Lorenc teaching workshop

Keynotes & Presentations

We offer unique and interactive speaking engagements, including keynote presentations, conference sessions, workshops, and more.

Improve employee engagement, retention, productivity, job satisfaction, and profitability

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What they're saying

“ I engaged Tailored Consulting for coaching when I took on an elevated leadership role. My coach quickly helped me see how my strengths aligned well with my responsibilities, taught me how to cultivate them so they would grow to become talents, and provided the ongoing encouragement I needed to get over my own imposter syndrome. I learned something practical and valuable every session. I found my time with my coach to be so useful that I engaged Tailored Consulting for a team session. Ninety minutes together flew by. Our facilitator quickly helped us pinpoint our collective strengths and handled being peppered by random questions for the duration of the training like a pro. Extremely fun and useful! ”

Lance Heiner image
Lance H.

Managing Director, Fortune 100 Company

What they're saying

" Tailored Consulting provided me with a very knowledgeable coach on identifying,
utilizing, and growing individuals' strengths. All of my new employees take the Clifton
Strengths Assessment. After completing the assessment, my new hire sends his results
to our coach, who then analyzes my employee's strengths, my strengths, and how we
can best excel together. "

Forrest S Testimonial image
Forrest S.

Business Owner & Trade Association Founder

What they're saying

“ I have worked with Tailored Consulting for both one-on-one coaching, as well as team
coaching. It was my overwhelmingly positive experience with one-on-one coaching that led me to plan a team engagement. It's been a little over a year since I did my first
personal coaching session, and I still see a positive impact almost daily in how I manage
my strengths. We did our first team session several weeks ago, and I have seen our
interactions improve. This not only has made an impact on interpersonal relationships
between team members but also how I can best and most effectively manage people
regarding their strengths. ”

Annie eaton image
Annie E.

Tech Startup Founder & CEO

What they're saying

"We have a young andtalented team that is growing quickly into leadership and executiveroles. Tailored Consulting has been a huge asset in helping to build ourleaders, and providing strengths-based insights that help us with hiring,promotions, corrective actions, and hitting our growth objectives."

Spencer Lowe headshot
Spencer L.

Founder & CEO

What they're saying

"Micah is a very insightful and outstanding coach. I’ve been in leadership positions since 1998 and have had many development coaches. Micah is one of the best I’ve worked with, and he is excellent with building teams. His understanding of applying Clifton Strengths to improve team dynamics is the best I’ve experienced."

Craig F headshot
Craig F.

Director, Fortune 100 Company

What they're saying

"Tailored Consulting’s work with my leadership team has proven to be a crucial turning point in our work together. With incredibly thoughtful and targeted individual coaching and group workshops, we’ve come to know and understand ourselves and each other in a totally new, empowering light. The energy in my team is contagious, and the results are already tangible… and we’re just getting started!”

Zakery J
Zakery J.

Director, Large Bank

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