Great leaders don't start great. They put in the work.

February 1, 2023

Last year, I had one of the most unique workshops I've ever held. A Senior Vice President hired me for a full-day workshop.

Number of participants: 1

Just him.

Being new to his role and company, he wanted to get to know his team as quickly as possible. We spent the whole day around his laptop at a conference table, discussing the CliftonStrengths results of the leaders who report to him. He took copious notes as we talked about everyone's strengths, potential blind spots, ideal job responsibilities, growth opportunities, and potential partners.

I was inspired by this leader's willingness to invest time and money into knowing his people deeply, recognizing that both the company and the employee benefit from having the right people on the right team doing work that aligns with their strengths.

Nobody asked him to do this. Great leaders didn't start great. They put in the work.