Organizational Development Consulting

Our specialty is the application of Strengths-Based Development principles to improve an organization across various business metrics. Consulting services are determined based on the unique needs of your organization and the number of hours per month it would require for Tailored Consulting to support you in any or all of the following areas:


New Employee On-Boarding

Calibrate your on-boarding process to introduce Strengths-Based Development into the new employee experience with early and frequent exposure.


Culture Development

Co-design a strategy for incorporating strengths-based development principles into the environment, culture, and routines of the company for improved employee satisfaction, productivity, and retention.


Performance Management Consulting

Co-design performance management practices and train leaders to use strengths-based development principles when development planning, coaching, and managing poor performance.


Ongoing Strengths Training

Implement a "maintenance" training program to help employees internalize their strengths and healthy strengths-based development principles through a variety of media and forums.

Our objective at Tailored Consulting is to help you reach a level of maturity in these areas within 6-12 months. You will feel self-sufficient in these areas as quickly as possible so that we all feel comfortable with Tailored Consulting disengaging within that timeframe. We consider our consulting engagements a short-term arrangement rather than a perpetual one.

Training & Facilitation

As experts in Leadership & Team Development, we have many training options to meet your needs, delivered by expert coaches and facilitators. Some of our most impactful workshops include: 

-  Building a Strengths-Based Team using CliftonStrengths
- 5 Essential Elements of Wellness using "Wellness at Work"
-  Winning at Customer Experience using Design Thinking
-  Emotional Management using The Connection Codes
-  Problem Solving using LEGO Serious Play (LSP)
-  Becoming a Leader Coach (for leaders)
-  Secrets to Successful Executive Mgmt (for new Executives)
-  Strategic Planning Event Facilitation
-  Leadership Retreat Design & Facilitation

We facilitate both virtual and in-person workshops, running anywhere from 2-hour virtual to multi-day event.

Group celebrating successful Clifton Strengths training

One-on-One Leadership Coaching

At Tailored Consulting, we specialize in Leadership and Career Coaching for professionals, from those making a career change, to Startup Founders, to Corporate Executives. We coach individuals investing in their own development, as well as professionals from organizations that want to train and develop multiple leaders at once.

Tailored Consulting coaching programs focusing on topics like:

- Exploring your leadership identity
- Increasing self-awareness
- Motivating employees
- Assigning work based on your team’s strengths
- Managing poor employee performance
- Other tools to help reach your leadership potential

Keynotes & Presentations

We offer unique and interactive speaking engagements, including keynote presentations, conference sessions, workshops, and more.